Post to Chatter in a way Process Builder isn’t designed

As of Spring ’15 Process Builder can post messages to Chatter feeds in some interesting ways. However, out of the box builder can only post to Users, Chatter Groups and the record triggering the process. What if you want the system to post something to the Account that owns an an Opportunity where the Opportunity… Read More »

Scripting Salesforce

Don’t have a name for it yet and every project deserves a name. The company, Salesforce, has not provided a means to script management or administrative functions. Perhaps they think it’s not needed, perhaps they are remaining agnostic waiting for others to do it, or perhaps they think it worthwhile but have not decided what… Read More »

How to find your instance if using a custom domain name

I work with Orgs that use a custom domain name (the My Domain feature) and when Salesforce does an release update, I’d like to know when it’s scheduled. The site tells you when instances are updated – so my question is, how to find your instance if using a custom domain name? On the… Read More »

Installing Cucumber on Win7 from scratch

It seems that Cucumber version 1.3.6 requires Ruby version 1.9.3 at most. Trying to get Ruby 2.0 working is a mess so this article stays with Ruby 1.9.3. Ruby Navigate to RubyInstaller and download Ruby 1.9.3-p448 and launch it. Follow through all the prompts. When you get to “Installation Destination and Optional Tasks” install Tcl/TK… Read More »

Salesforce mobile developer week is all about mobile packs

Mobile Packs Salesforce is introducing mobile packs through their mobile developer week to get developers interested in developing mobile applications. Salesforce has a growing set of tools and today we’re talking mobile packs. Notably, the mobile packs are the newest ways to make mobile application development easier with Salesforce. Mobile developer week is about meeting… Read More »

Fix plugin to Juno Eclipse failure

If you use Juno release of Eclipse to host the plugin the installation process may have failed because of a missing dependency, here’s a fix. First, the problem. Through the Eclipse Marketplace you start the plugin installation and receive an error: Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not… Read More »

Evolution of FP

It occured to me that BDD for SF is just one avenue, I can develop BDN for Facebook, BDN for any development effort. There will be custome ebooks and course materials, custom apps, and anything else I can come up with.